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We have a 20 yard indoor range with 9 four foot lanes! Our range is open to the public during our regular business hours. Range fees are $7.00 an hour for a lane. Or if you are coming in to rent equipment as well it’s an additional $8.00 per bow and a set of arrows.
We offer 10 Hour Range Cards for $50.00. This brings the Cost down to only $5.00 an hour!


"5 Spot League"
Our 5 spot Archery Leagues are designed for enthusiast to enjoy. We shoot a NFAA 300 (5 spot) format. The league is scheduled for 10 weeks of shooting (8 scorable). League will begin Thursday, Jan 16th 2020 @ 6pm and also shooting available on Sundays at 2pm.
Sign Up Fee $75.00 Up Front
Classes Include:
Mens Open and Bowhunter
Womens Open and Bowhunter

To Be Determined.
  1. A single match is shot for each week, consisting of 2 games shot in 2 flights.
  2. Archers shoot a total of 60 arrows per match – 5 arrows per end, 6 ends per game, and 12 ends per match.
  3. After the first game the targets will be swapped from top to bottom.
  4. Archers shooting a 5-spot must shoot one arrow in each of the 5 targets.  Shooting multiple arrows in a single target will result in the highest scoring arrow being disqualified.
  5. Scoring on a 5-spot is 5 points for ‘X’, then 5 the white ring outside of the X ring, then 4 for each successive blue ring
  6. Score on the single spot target is 5 points for the ‘X’, then 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 for each successive ring.
  7. Maximum score is 25 per end, 100 per game, and 300 per match with the Most X's as a Tie Breaker.
Hunter Class: No Stabilizers exceeding 12" from the front of the Riser or 6" from the Rear of the Riser. Sights not to exceed 6" in front of Riser. No lenses. No Back tension. Using Standard Diameter or Micro Diameter Arrows. (No fat shafts.)


Our Traditional Archery Pop-up League is an ABSOLUTE BLAST! Every Friday at 6pm we line up and start the 3D pop-up system! We utilize standard ASA Scoring. The league is scheduled for 10 weeks of shooting (8 scorable). League will begin Sunday, Jan 19th 2020 @ 6pm. We will likely have 2 lines, the second starting at 7pm.

Cost is $10 per week or $75.00 up front for the entire league.


We offer Basic Individual Archery Lessons every 3rd Tuesday of the Month from 6-7:00pm. If you are interested please find our events page on Facebook! All equipment is provided, unless you wish to bring your own.
We offer Private Archery Instruction for $25.00 an Hour in the evenings upon being scheduled. Lessons are arranged with Matt Stacher and can be scheduled by contacting him at 217-714-2077. (He works a regular 8-5, so text or leave a voicemail)
We also offer basic group archery lessons at the same rate as our bow rentals. They are very introductory and get you shooting comfortably on our range.

 Book a lesson here!

We do offer our Range for Private Events such as Birthday parties, private groups and private group lessons.
Range time is PER BOW! 
$15.00 per bow/arrows/lane for 1 Hour. EXAMPLE: You have 10 shooters, you rent 5 bows for $75.00 for 1 hour. Shooters take turns. You have 15 shooters, you rent 5 bows for $75.00 for 1 hour. You can rent as many bows as you like. 
Scheduling can be done on the calendar above.