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Caldwell HydroSled Shooting Rest

$280.00 Ex Tax: $280.00
Price in reward points:46000
  • The HYDROSLED eliminates 95% of felt recoil.
  • The HYDROSLED has the ability to fill an onboard reservoir with your choice of media.
  • There is no longer the need to carry heavy lead bags or weights to the range.
  • Simply fill the 2-gallon reservoir with water, sand or pebbles, and you are good to go.
  • The HYDROSLED is adjustable to accommodate nearly all rifles and shotguns.
  • This shooting rest utilizes a proven rack and pinion elevation ram for precise adjustments, along with fine windage and elevation adjustment knobs.
  • An advanced rear recoil pad protects the firearm and shooter while the front retention strap eliminates muzzle jump.